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Drop into the Pacific NW in the early '90s and watch the underground music scene explode into a "grunge" media frenzy for a subculture-hungry world. "Hype!" follows the music from a few bands playing with their friends, to Sub Pop's brilliant exploitation of "the Seattle Sound," to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" hitting #1 on the charts. Questions of money, authenticity, and fame arise as "grunge fashion" hits the runways and a mass migration of wanna-be bands saturates Seattle. The Northwest experience is one of humor, loss, and epic irony. "Hype!," now celebrating its 20th anniversary, features live performances by Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney and a ton of other amazing bands.

"Two thumbs up!"

Siskel & Ebert (1996)

Listed HYPE! "#10 of the Top 25 Music DVDs of All Time"

Rolling Stone Magazine

"A brilliant synthesis of social anthropology and entertainment."

Los Angeles Times
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