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Live Performances

HYPE! takes you on a journey into the packed clubs of the early '90s Pacific Northwest at the height of the global hype over the Seattle music scene. It features a ton of loud, live performances, all shot with multiple, beer-drenched film cameras and recorded with stunning digital clarity for the ultimate grunge, punk, and garage rock experience.

  • Blood Circus
  • Coffin Break
  • Crackerbash
  • Dead Moon
  • Fastbacks
  • Flop
  • Gas Huffer
  • The Gits
  • Hammerbox
  • Love Battery
  • The Melvins
  • The Mono Men
  • Mudhoney
  • Nirvana
  • Pearl Jam
  • The Posies
  • Seaweed
  • 7 Year Bitch
  • Some Velvet Sidewalk
  • Soundgarden
  • Supersuckers
  • The Young Fresh Fellows
  • Zipgun


HYPE! also features humorous and insightful interviews with many luminaries who helped create the Pacific Northwest music scene.

  • The Monomen (Ledge, Dave, John, Aaron)
  • Scene Photographer Charles Peterson
  • Graphic Artist Art Chantry
  • Music Producer Jack Endino
  • The Walkabouts (Chris and Carla)
  • Former Sub Pop Publicist Nils Bernstein
  • Music Producer and Musician Steve Fisk
  • Dawn Anderson, Editor Backlash Magazine
  • Soundgarden (Matt and Kim)
  • The Fastbacks (Kim, Kurt, Lulu)
  • K-Records Calvin Johnson
  • Screaming Trees (Van and Barrett)
  • The Melvins (Dale and Buzz)
  • Gas Huffer (Don, Matt, Tom, Joe)
  • Mudhoney (Steve and Mark)
  • Musician and Programmer Leighton Beezer
  • British Producer Martin Rushent
  • PopLlama Records Conrad Uno
  • Supersuckers (Ron, Eddie, Dan)
  • The Young Fresh Fellows (Scott, Jim, Tad)
  • Estrus Records Dave Crider
  • C/Z Records Daniel House
  • Tad (Tad and Kurt)
  • Sub Pop Records Jonathan Poneman & Bruce Pavitt
  • Former Sub Pop Publicist Megan Jasper
  • Manager Susan Silver
  • Radio Promotions Director Susie Tennant
  • Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam
  • eMpTy Records Blake Wright
  • Coffin Break (Jeff, Rob, Peter, David)
  • 7 Year Bitch (Selene, Elizabeth, Valerie)
  • Promoter Mike Vraney
  • Seaweed (John and Wade)
  • Promoter Frank Harlan

Seattle Band Map

A classic scene in HYPE! shows musician Leighton Beezer displaying an interactive family tree of Seattle bands on his old Mac. Two decades later, local musician Rachel Ratner decided to map out the today's Seattle bandscape, creating an epic community-maintained band map online.

Check it out!
All Photography on this Website © Charles Peterson